savecryptotax is a platform to save taxes on crypto you send your crypto and get equivalent CASH in US$ and as it is known, there is no taxes for the CASH in the USA

as there is no specific law that crypto cannot be exchanged for cash we provide you cash that is tax-free and which you can spend to make purchases as you like we ship all our large orders with 100$ denomination, so they are easy to store and spend

we provide a one-stop solution of tax-free purchase for real estate ( commercial and residential ) with crypto in the USA. yes TITLE of the land will be in your name

because of our recent funding round, we can provide such a unique sign up bonus with zero string attached, enjoy free 10% extra cash, and spread the word.

We support all 50 states in the USA and are expanding soon in the UK

Please send complete shipping details such as name with unit/apt number, country if applicable.

USPS express mail in USA, which is overnight shipping for majority of the zip

We check all the bills we ship using a money counter so you can have faith you will not receive counterfeit bills.

Currently, 3 confirmations are needed for any crypto coin.

A generated deposit address is valid for 48 hours. All related data will be erased after you have confirmed the reception of Cash.

We do not store logs. All necessary information for transaction processing is deleted right after 7 days of work completion and transaction confirmation or beyond the expiration of address lifetime for unexecuted requests. The only proof of our work is the user and pass log that you have.

You can contact us through our website by clicking on the profile page, support ticket tab, or any messaging app such as telegram wickr, etc.

We will never ask for your ID at any point. We are strictly KYC-free.

You can open a support ticket for that, We usually do USPS Express for the USA.

We ship up to $40,000$ in one package, have tested it more than 10,000 times, works every time.

At the footer of the homepage.

you get what you pay for 1000$ in crypto = 1000$ in cash shipping is free