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We believe crypto is a KYC free revolution so we intend to keep it that way, we do not require KYC at all on our platform.

No Log Policy


As soon as the order is delivered and confirmed by the client , our system wipes out all data related to that trade.

Large volumes


We have been doing this since inception of Bitcoin , we do north of 20 million a month , so volume of your trade won't be a problem for us. With our unique opsec and shipping , your cash will reach to you in no time.

Multiple crypto currency

Multiple crypto Currency

System has inbuilt support for BTC, XMR, ETH. Just open a support ticket if you need to cash out any other crypto.

USPS with tracking

USPS with tracking

As soon as we ship, We provide tracking details.

PGP encryption

You can encrypt your address details for end - end encryption of our conversations.

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XMR 65.5 XMR 8A9GmE7y2tf66PvxtkQaZRX7zsCa ... 2022-05-18 12:41
ETH 0.020000 ETH 0xef590c808e3a545a5eae8f3153 ... 2022-05-18 12:28
BTC 0.06465580 BTC 17cf4eHuaGypXhcuTApSzsmR2FkT ... 2022-05-18 00:28
XMR 23.37 XMR 8C5wzrVG8kaSogyShnovniDLPQoJ ... 2022-05-17 12:54
XMR 43.76 XMR 8BQfnvuUTFvNTmrwGkRKuDj29hFJ ... 2022-05-17 12:27

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USD 35820 USD 94******************72 2022-05-06
USD 12000 USD 94******************23 2022-05-06
USD 2400 USD 94******************78 2022-05-06
USD 10900 USD 94******************68 2022-05-06
USD 3090 USD 94******************40 2022-05-06